[MPA] Anybody working with Minidisc and Mac?

Leigh Seaver keeleefeefee at mac.com
Mon Aug 11 20:01:00 PDT 2003

Thanks for the post!

I haven't thought of interfacing my minidisc with my mac.  I have both 
a portable MD-recorder and a Kenwood minidisc deck with both optical 
and coaxial digital in/out.  I have used minidisc for years and may 
happiness with it has not made an iPod necessary.  I also like being 
able to record over two hours of mono-aural dialogue ... travel diaries 
I record when on the road, to be transcribed later when I come home.

One question ... if I can get the appropriate interface, would it be 
possible to create playlists in iTunes and send them to my minidisc 
deck to record on minidisc?  Would the MP3 convert to ATRAC well 
enough, or am I better off using the AIFF files I currently use (though 
I usually burn to CD-RW and then transfer to MD on my home stereo 

Any ideas?  This never entered my mind until I saw this post.



On Monday, Aug 11, 2003, at 09:32 US/Eastern, John Pariseau wrote:

>> Hi everybody,
>> I just got a Minidisc a couple of weeks ago (Sony MZ-NF810, I 
>> believe).  Now
>> that I own it, I realize I was potentially optimistic about getting 
>> it to talk
>> to my Mac.  You see, I figured that since it had a USB port that it 
>> would be
>> seen almost as an external hard drive or something.  But that's not 
>> the case.
>> Has anybody had any luck with digital transfer from MD --> Mac 
>> without having
>> to buy any extra gear (say, a PC?)?  I've tried xmd, but with no 
>> success.
> The only ways you can (currently) transfer from MD to PC/Mac is via 
> Real time playback. Either Analog or Digital out. You will need to buy 
> an adapter. I have a PBG4 and a Griffin iMic. I use the Line Out of my 
> MD, and the Line in on the iMic. I boot into OS 9 to record.
> Keep your eyes on www.minidisc.org and watch for news. I think from 
> time to time they list sales on various MD gear, including the Digital 
> to USB adapters.
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