mach5 doesn't recognize samplecell disk

Terry Lester tllester at
Tue Aug 12 04:56:31 PDT 2003

hello list,
	the subject line sort of says it all. just fired up my new mach5 
tonight, ran thru the tutorial, opened up uvi-xtract and popped in my 
favorite orchestra disk (peter siedlaczek), which is in samplecell 
format. click 'ignore', when i get the 'unreadable by macos x' message, 
then choose 'search for disk' in uvi-xtract's pop-up disk menu...and 
nada. 'no disk found'. what's up with that? anybody know?


"What do people mean when they say the computer went down
on them?"			 -Marilyn Pittman

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