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Terry Lester tllester at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 21 08:47:48 PDT 2003

On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 05:41  AM, Scott Jacob Loehr wrote:

> Hint:  The perpetual slide guitar riff implies a couple of other
> chords, but from a harmonic analysis perspective, it's all the One
> chord.
> Slight Disclaimer:  It's got a generic barroom blues ending, which
> MIGHT be construed as containing a walkdown with a few chords, but
> considering that the song repeats the same riff over and over and
> over for 4:43 of its 4:54 length, I think it qualifies as Only One
> Chord.

um...sounds alot like led zeppelin's 'american woman'...


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