[MPA] BT, wow....

T at W lsp93 at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 22 14:54:45 PDT 2003

Jay Myres historified:
>BT is pretty much credited with inventing Trance while he was living in
>Europe in the mid-90's.

Uhmp, how history get twisted these days.
Trance invented in the '90's? Huh? And much is credited to BT? What a
Forgotten are pigmee,aboriginal,american
and still not mentioned many many other sources.
Music=Jungian, ya know. Nobody invents music, it just happens.

>He is also the person who single-handedly
>popularized the use of stutter-edits (ie *Nsync's hit "Dirty Pop"),
>granular synthesis, and Kyma (a $$$ computer-based dsp/ synth system).
>He has remixed everyone, including *Nsync (Dirty Pop"), Tori Amos
>("Blue Skies"), Sarah McLachlen ("I Love You"), Peter Gabriel, Seal,
>Madonna and pretty much anyone else who is making cool music right now.

It sounds like he's the messias the world was waiting for.

good vibrations,

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