[MPA] BT, wow....

Jay Myres giotto at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 22 23:15:30 PDT 2003

While I appreciate your point, our primordial brothers did not hop  
around their fire circle with TR909s or 303s.

Music does happen.  It evolves.  But, to say BT had nothing to do with  
the formation or shall i say "formulation" of trance is to say Mozart  
had nothing to do with the evolution of the Symphony.

I am not giving BT all the credit or even the credit of a "Messiah",  
and frankly there are things he's said that I absolutely disagree with.  
  But one thing I will give him credit for is his major contribution to  
dance music, err.... that is post-1990s dance music.

That, and he knows his sh#$.  Which was why Apple asked him to do the  
G5 demo in the first place.

good vibrationz,


On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 02:54 PM, T at W wrote:

> Jay Myres historified:
> [snip..]>
>> BT is pretty much credited with inventing Trance while he was living  
>> in
>> Europe in the mid-90's.
> Uhmp, how history get twisted these days.
> Trance invented in the '90's? Huh? And much is credited to BT? What a
> l.o.b.s.
> Forgotten are pigmee,aboriginal,american
> indian,derwish,joujouka,bach,reich,glass,schulze,kraftwerk,fsol,virtual 
> izer
> and still not mentioned many many other sources.
> Music=Jungian, ya know. Nobody invents music, it just happens.
>> He is also the person who single-handedly
>> popularized the use of stutter-edits (ie *Nsync's hit "Dirty Pop"),
>> granular synthesis, and Kyma (a $$$ computer-based dsp/ synth system).
>> He has remixed everyone, including *Nsync (Dirty Pop"), Tori Amos
>> ("Blue Skies"), Sarah McLachlen ("I Love You"), Peter Gabriel, Seal,
>> Madonna and pretty much anyone else who is making cool music right  
>> now.
> It sounds like he's the messias the world was waiting for.
> good vibrations,
> Touchwood
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