[MPA] "Legacy" Digi 001 System

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Fri Dec 12 11:28:07 PST 2003

>...In the mean time, I'd love any suggestions for a new system that 
>will better
>handle MIDI (i.e. Remember synth settings: tracks, instruments, panning,
>etc.) as well as handle standard audio recording. Pro tools seemed a bit
>weak in the MIDI department. Some say a MOTU/DP system is great.
>Any MIDI-Masters out there care to comment?
>Sebastian Smith
>Em Space Studios
>seb at emspacestudios.com

So far, I've been quite ecstatic with my DP 2.0 G5 (2.5 GB RAM, 500 
GB SATA HD) and MOTU stuff...
Digital Performer 4.11
Mach 5
Panther OS 10.3
MOTU MIDI Express XT MIDI Interface
MOTU 2408 mk 3
MOTU 24 i/o

I haven't done any heavy-duty MIDI sequencing yet... I haven't had 
the new rig very long, and I've only been mixing audio tracks (LOVE 
my new plug-in count!).  I've verified that all nine of my modules 
work with my master keyboard... the setup with Apple's new CoreMIDI 
was very straightforward with DP.  Now if the OSX version of Mackie's 
UAD-1 software would ship....

Scott Jacob Loehr

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