"Legacy" Digi 001 System

Sebastian Smith seb at emspacestudios.com
Fri Dec 12 10:39:48 PST 2003

Hello, all. 
I just bought a Dual 1.8GHz G5, and, of course, it is not compatible with my
Digi 001 system (wrong PC card voltage).

Rather than keep my old setup just for music (G3/450MHz with external high
speed SCSI drive and CD burner & Digi 001 card w/breakout box), I¹d like to
unload them. Any one interested in buying or trading? (please respond

In the mean time, I¹d love any suggestions for a new system that will better
handle MIDI (i.e. Remember synth settings: tracks, instruments, panning,
etc.) as well as handle standard audio recording. Pro tools seemed a bit
weak in the MIDI department. Some say a MOTU/DP system is great.

Any MIDI-Masters out there care to comment?
Sebastian Smith
Em Space Studios
seb at emspacestudios.com

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