[MPA] version of Logic Audio

Wesley Griffin wgriffin at fraktured.net
Sat Dec 13 08:46:27 PST 2003

On Dec 12, 2003, at 7:15 PM, Jon Freeland wrote:

> I'm looking to pick up Logic Platinum 6 and my parents would like to 
> get it for me for Christmas.  They found a student version on a 
> website somewhere for about $200 less (I think) and I was just 
> wondering if that version is in any way crippled compared to the 
> professional version.  Also, is the version on the Apple website the 
> same as a version I would find elsewhere?

Yes, the Apple store version is the same Logic as everyone else 
(considering Apple now owns Emagic). I just bought the competitive 
upgrade for Platinum 6 and it looks like the same box is also the 
Academic box (it says Comp. Upgrade/Academic Edition on it). If so, 
then the version is not crippled in any way, other than an extra step 
to get your TypeA codes for the XSKey.

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