I need sound(card) advice for my G4

Andrew Yonda andrewyonda at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 29 14:15:55 PST 2003

Let me start with my question for you:  What is a
decent soundcard for a G4/450 w/ 640 megs of RAM,
running ProTools Free on OS 9.1?  New or used, no
matter. I don't need MIDI, basically just a sound
input to replace the one Apple didn't include.  

Also, can you tell me if one can record 2 or more
tracks at once in PTFree?  

That's it, if you want some more info, I've included a
bunch below, 
Bonus details:

I tried to use PTFree when I first got this computer,
but of course Apple had just eliminated the sound
input, so I bought the Griffin Imic, which turned out
to have sync problems.  I also had fragmentation
problems, due to PTFree, I believe, so I reformatted
the whole computer and went back to my old Fostex
4-track.  Well, now the 4-track is not doing so hot,
and I would like to get just a little more
complicated, so I want give ProTools another go. 
Here's the thing:

1.  I want to keep things as simple as possible--I
record at home to develop ideas and demos, not make
final products, so I don't want my setup to discourage
me from recording.  I am almost perfectly happy with
my analog 4-track, I would just like a few effects and
a few more tracks.

2.  I'm happy with OS9, I'm not particularly
interested in buying OSX (the OSX my G4 came with is
awful, a real early version).

3.  I need just a few effects, such as reverb,
compression, and delay.

4.  How can I avoid fragmentation?  Norton SpeedDisk? 
Divide my hard disk?  Buy another drive?

5.  If you've read all this and think I should stick
with analog, let me know!

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