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> Thanks to (on- and off-list) replies to my original question RE: above

> topic... I have two more questions.


> I've posted them here:  > www.oldfordstuff.com/mixer


> -=Grant MacLaren=-

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Hi Grant,

(Nice web page, by the way).  Your setup should be more than adequate to do

what you want.  An external A-to-D converter IS better and quieter, but

converting within the Mac will still sound fine.

I do professional VO for a living...  before I had my MOTU 828 (which has

great sounding  -and very quiet- converters), I was running a RØDE NT2

condenser into a Behringer mixer (VERY quiet and clean), and then running an

analog audio cable right into the 1/8" inputs of an iMac. Then used Mac

SoundManager (and the iMac's internal converters), and then into SonicWorx

Artist to do my recording and editing. The results sounded fine, and were

aired constantly on the ABC network affiliate where I was under contract.

Yes, adding the MOTU 828 *improved* the sound quality; but previously, while

using only the Mac's internal converters, everything still sounded more than

adequately good.

Feel free to reply to me off-list if you have any other questions.


Gene Bogart

Bogart Voiceover Productions

* ABC-TV25(WPBF) Announcer *

<gbogart at bellsouth.net>

{fax/tel} 561-750-1899 >>

Thank you very much.
Your reply gives me lots of confidence in my
I think I'll skip the external A-to-D converter
for the time being. 
I'm still not absoluety clear about "what is
dong what" but have little doubt that I'll be
able to figure it out when the mic/mixer/cables
are pluggged into the Mac. As stated on the web
page, the hardware is on the way.

Comment and question:
Because I have no mic into my G-4, I made
a sample file on our iMac SE (in iMovie), then 
sent it to the G-4 where it was "imported" into
Final Cut Pro.  The procedure worked OK,
but I never did figure out what kind if file
it is.       (Apple-I was no help.)
David Pogue (in his "Missing Manual")
says iMovie makes AIFF's of imports from
CD's -- but says nothing about the files
made from Apple mics.
Do you know what kind of file iMovie makes?



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