Set Up Help

Richard Edwards richard.e at
Sat Feb 8 11:09:44 PST 2003


Sorry this is a simple question but since I've just dusted the moths 
off some equipment I can't figure out the connections

I'm running a player under Classic on a Titanium [10.1.5]

It exports Midi data from a music player

I have a MOTU Fastlane Midi Interface and a Korg X5DR Amp and Speakers

 From the KORG to the Amp and then speakers I can figure :)

How do I get from the Titanium output to the Faslane to the Amp [I 
assume that's the right order

The Fast lane has IN, OUT THROUGH, OUT THROUGH and OUT

Do I buy a cable that goes from the Titanium to two 5 Pin DINS into 

or is the first cable from the Titanium Out to One DIN into the IN of 
the Fast Lane

thence Two 5 pin DINS to Two 5 Pin DINS into the Korg

a biggGGG tXsSSSS


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