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Scott Baldwin sbaldwin at san.rr.com
Sat Feb 8 12:06:55 PST 2003


I don't have all the information, but let's see what we can do.

First of all the fastlane MIDI interface comes with either a USB or 
serial connector, to connect it to the computer.  Which do you have?  
I'm not sure, but I don't think the Titanium has a serial port, only 
USB.  So first you have to determine if you can connect your Fastlane 
to the computer.  Has to be either serial or USB on both the Fastlane 
and computer.  Of course you would need the appropriate cable (serial 
or USB!) to connect the two.

I don't know what MIDI player you are using on the Mac, but if you are 
running it in Classic (OS 9.2) Chances are you will need OMS or 
FreeMidi.  OMS and FreeMidi are  software applications used to connect 
MIDI software to MIDI interfaces.  OMS is available for download at 
many places on the web.  FreeMidi is available on the MOTU website.

It is possible that your MIDI player doesn't need either of these.  You 
have to look at whatever documentation you have to figure out it's 

 From the Fastlane MIDI interface to the X5DR  you need a single MIDI 
cable.  You connect this to the "MIDI out" on the Fastlane, to the 
"MIDI in" on the X5DR.

The Audio connectors on the X5DR are then connected to the audio inputs 
on the amp, which is connected to the speakers.

So the chain is this:

MIDIplayer----->OMS(if needed)-------serial or USB cable-----------> 
Fastlane----MIDI cable------> X5DR-----audio 
cable(s)----->amp-----audio cable(s)------>speakers

Best of luck,


On Saturday, February 8, 2003, at 11:09 AM, Richard Edwards wrote:

> Folks
> Sorry this is a simple question but since I've just dusted the moths 
> off some equipment I can't figure out the connections
> I'm running a player under Classic on a Titanium [10.1.5]
> It exports Midi data from a music player
> I have a MOTU Fastlane Midi Interface and a Korg X5DR Amp and Speakers
> From the KORG to the Amp and then speakers I can figure :)
> How do I get from the Titanium output to the Faslane to the Amp [I 
> assume that's the right order
> The Fast lane has IN, OUT THROUGH, OUT THROUGH and OUT
> Do I buy a cable that goes from the Titanium to two 5 Pin DINS into 
> or is the first cable from the Titanium Out to One DIN into the IN of 
> the Fast Lane
> thence Two 5 pin DINS to Two 5 Pin DINS into the Korg
> a biggGGG tXsSSSS
> Richard

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