[MPA] Upgrade to OSX problems

Jeff Carruthers jeff at carruthers.com
Tue Feb 11 08:37:04 PST 2003

I'd be interested in any advice/experience members of the list have had 
in going from MacOS9 to OSX for Cubase and an Alesis ADAT digital audio 

We've just upgraded to a Mac G4 dual processor and Cubase SX for OSX 
and would like to move to OSX if possible.

Unfortunately, Alesis says it will no longer support the ADAT 
Connect/Edit interface beyond OS 9 -- this the PCI card-based digital 
connection connection between the ADAT recorder/mixer and our Mac G3.

Alesis has suggested a few interfaces that would work in OSX, including 
the Terra Tec EWS88D, the RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652, the MidiMan M-Audio 
Delta 1010 w/1010AI ADAT interface. the Echo Audio Layla 24 or Gina 24, 
and the Event Electronics EZ8.

A quick review of the appropriate websites suggests that several of the 
units only have beta drivers for OSX, which isn't ideal for an audio 
studio application. The Hammerfall interface looks nice, but expensive 
(~$1,000 Cdn).

We'd prefer a PCI card solution that can handle a minimum of 8 tracks.

Any observations/suggestions.

Jeff Carruthers

On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 10:51  AM, Haas, Christopher E. wrote:

> I've been trying to upgrade to OSX for the computer in my little sound 
> studio and have run into a problem.  We are currently using Peak LE 
> 3.2 and Deck LE 3.5 and the computer has an Echo Gina card for in/out. 
>  I cannot get Peak or Deck to recognize the Gina card under OSX.  I've 
> installed the Beta drivers from Echo and have not had any luck.
> I can allows reboot into OS 9 for those times I need to use the card, 
> but I think it's a pain to do that.  Anyone have any advice, help or 
> am I just SOL until Echo finishes beta work with the driver?
> Chip Haas
> Technical Director
> Dept of Theatre and Dance
> Ball State University
> 765-285-0978
> chaas at bsu.edu
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