[MPA] Upgrade to OSX problems

Peter Kirn peterkirn at mac.com
Tue Feb 11 08:43:23 PST 2003

As far as I know the Echo Audio (I think) and Midiman/M-Audio (I'm 
sure) interfaces have robust OS X support.

How do these compare to the Alesis in terms of functionality, out of 
curiosity? Is the Alesis card basically just an ADAT I/O or does it do 
something else as well?

I've been really happy with my MOTU 828 -- I have an Alesis QS8 hooked 
into its ADAT I/O, which interestingly provides a total of 18 tracks -- 
2 via S/PDIF, 8 analog, and 8 I/O from the ADAT. MOTU has a number of 
models with similar support though currently only the 828 runs on OS X, 
a situation likely to change in the next few months with a lot of new 
drivers and software from MOTU due on X.

Keep us posted with your experiences!

Peter Kirn

On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 11:37 AM, Jeff Carruthers wrote:

> I'd be interested in any advice/experience members of the list have 
> had in going from MacOS9 to OSX for Cubase and an Alesis ADAT digital 
> audio recorder.
> We've just upgraded to a Mac G4 dual processor and Cubase SX for OSX 
> and would like to move to OSX if possible.
> Unfortunately, Alesis says it will no longer support the ADAT 
> Connect/Edit interface beyond OS 9 -- this the PCI card-based digital 
> connection connection between the ADAT recorder/mixer and our Mac G3.
> Alesis has suggested a few interfaces that would work in OSX, 
> including the Terra Tec EWS88D, the RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652, the 
> MidiMan M-Audio Delta 1010 w/1010AI ADAT interface. the Echo Audio 
> Layla 24 or Gina 24, and the Event Electronics EZ8.
> A quick review of the appropriate websites suggests that several of 
> the units only have beta drivers for OSX, which isn't ideal for an 
> audio studio application. The Hammerfall interface looks nice, but 
> expensive (~$1,000 Cdn).
> We'd prefer a PCI card solution that can handle a minimum of 8 tracks.
> Any observations/suggestions.
> Jeff Carruthers
> On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 10:51  AM, Haas, Christopher E. 
> wrote:
>> I've been trying to upgrade to OSX for the computer in my little 
>> sound studio and have run into a problem.  We are currently using 
>> Peak LE 3.2 and Deck LE 3.5 and the computer has an Echo Gina card 
>> for in/out.  I cannot get Peak or Deck to recognize the Gina card 
>> under OSX.  I've installed the Beta drivers from Echo and have not 
>> had any luck.
>> I can allows reboot into OS 9 for those times I need to use the card, 
>> but I think it's a pain to do that.  Anyone have any advice, help or 
>> am I just SOL until Echo finishes beta work with the driver?
>> Chip Haas
>> Technical Director
>> Dept of Theatre and Dance
>> Ball State University
>> 765-285-0978
>> chaas at bsu.edu
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