[MPA] Upgrade to OSX problems

Barry A. Warsaw mac at wooz.org
Tue Feb 11 08:46:47 PST 2003

>>>>> "JC" == Jeff Carruthers <jeff at carruthers.com> writes:

    JC> We've just upgraded to a Mac G4 dual processor and Cubase SX
    JC> for OSX and would like to move to OSX if possible.

Could you (or anyone else) talk about the processor upgrades?  I have
a single 550MHz G4 that I love for CubaseSX and OSX, but it just
doesn't have the oomph for what I'm doing (simple demos, really).
Maybe I'm not using the s/w correctly, but after about a dozen audio
and midi tracks, with a moderate amount (I think) of processing, I'm
cpu-spiking all the time.  Will a dual-gig G4 upgrade help that much?
I've got 1GB of ram and fast ultrawide disks.  What's an upgrade like
that cost these days?  Is SX really built for dual processors?

    JC> Alesis has suggested a few interfaces that would work in OSX,
    JC> including the Terra Tec EWS88D, the RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652,
    JC> the MidiMan M-Audio Delta 1010 w/1010AI ADAT interface. the
    JC> Echo Audio Layla 24 or Gina 24, and the Event Electronics EZ8.

I'm using a lowly <wink> M-audio Delta66/OmniIO, which doesn't have
ADAT interface, but seems rock solid under OSX.  I'm especially
thrilled about the s/w monitoring (which had 23ms latency under OS9
and /no/ discernable latency under OSX) and direct monitoring, which
actually works now. :)

M-audio definitely seems to have their OSX act together.


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