[MPA]was What CPU upgrade to ,now LP's to CD's

David Crandon tdc at attbi.com
Thu Feb 13 13:01:44 PST 2003

AFAIK, Griffins Final Vinyl is the only consumer software out there that
incorporates the RIAA equalization curve for phono records (LP's). If
you don't use this program, you must hook a pre-preamp up between your
turntable and your computer. This pre-preamp can be a stand alone cheapy
product like Radio Shacks box, or preferably a good receiver.

I'd like to know what other software out there has the RIAA EQ curve.

You will also need an RCA->USB convertor if you have a late model Mac
with no sound inputs. A great deal is at Fry's (or Outpost.com) where
the have the Onkyo MSE-U33HB Digital Audio Processor for $40! This will
convert your signal from analogue to digital outside of your Mac,
resulting in better quality. Another common alternative (but not a high
performance) is Griffin's iMic.

There are also several software alternatives for processing the audio to
remove tics/pops and hiss. A common one is Roxio's CD Spin Doctor. From
what I understand though, unless you go with a "pro" version of audio
processor software, the results are not as good as even the '70's and
'80's home audio equipment add-on's that were designed to do this. Of
course remember to clean your records and stylus properly first.

It is also nice to have the software automatically detect song gaps so
it can tag each one as a seperate track. While this isn't perfect, it's
way easier to delete tags that are wrong than put all the tags in
manually. I don't know if Final Vinyl or CD Spin Doctor do this.

Good luck and let us know what you do.

David Crandon

Douglas Linacre wrote:
> I want to convert about 100 vinyl records at home.
> Is there a low cost way of getting sound from my pre-amplifier into my
> OS9 Titanium Powerbook, and then putting the sound files onto my duel
> CPU G4 desktop and cleaning up the vinyl scratchies before I burn CDs?
> I am finding it difficult to figure out what is out there.
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