converting vinyl to CD

Scott Baldwin sbaldwin at
Thu Feb 13 14:35:34 PST 2003

100 records!

Are you sure you want to do this?  Keep in mind that you have to do 
this conversion in real time,  thus about 100 hours to record into your 
computer, figure at least an hour/CD to "clean up" the tracks and burn 
the CD.  So if you are very efficient 200 hours for this project.

You need: (assuming you have a CD burner)

an audio interface
audio software
hard drive
100 CD blanks

Yes a new hard drive. To convert 100 albums to CD quality sound you 
will need about 50 gig's of space. (CD Stereo audio is 10 MB/min)

So figure about $500.00- $600.00  to get everything you need.

Then figure what tying up your computer and 200 hours of your time is 
worth.   ($10.00/ hour? = $2000.00)

So about $2,500.00 (25.00/CD) to wind up with 100 CD's that I guarantee 
will be of lower quality than commercial CD's.

Consider replacing your collection with CD's.

Just a thought.



On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 12:32 PM, Douglas Linacre wrote:

> I want to convert about 100 vinyl records at home.
> Is there a low cost way of getting sound from my pre-amplifier into my 
> OS9 Titanium Powerbook, and then putting the sound files onto my duel 
> CPU G4 desktop and cleaning up the vinyl scratchies before I burn CDs?
> I am finding it difficult to figure out what is out there.
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