[MPA] converting vinyl to CD

John Neumann jneumann at ece.cmu.edu
Thu Feb 13 14:51:40 PST 2003

Just my two cents-

It needn't tie up the computer- recording can run in the background 
while you do other things. Cutting up the file into individual songs 
only takes a few minutes if there are obvious breaks you can jump to 
(don't bother with the automatic splitting in Spin Doctor- it's 
completely retarded).

It doesn't have to be done all at once- I have a couple hundred 
records, and I've been doing this over the span of a few months. If 
it's music you like, it's  a pleasurable way to spend time. So you 
only need a GB or two at a time, justto hold the music until you burn 
it onto CD, or if you're like me, compress to mp3 for archiving.


At 14:35 -0800 2/13/03, Scott Baldwin wrote:
>100 records!
>Are you sure you want to do this?  Keep in mind that you have to do 
>this conversion in real time,  thus about 100 hours to record into 
>your computer, figure at least an hour/CD to "clean up" the tracks 
>and burn the CD.  So if you are very efficient 200 hours for this 
>You need: (assuming you have a CD burner)
>an audio interface
>audio software
>hard drive
>100 CD blanks
>Yes a new hard drive. To convert 100 albums to CD quality sound you 
>will need about 50 gig's of space. (CD Stereo audio is 10 MB/min)
>So figure about $500.00- $600.00  to get everything you need.
>Then figure what tying up your computer and 200 hours of your time 
>is worth.   ($10.00/ hour? = $2000.00)
>So about $2,500.00 (25.00/CD) to wind up with 100 CD's that I 
>guarantee will be of lower quality than commercial CD's.
>Consider replacing your collection with CD's.
>Just a thought.


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