Free OSX Audio editor neded...

John Pariseau simplymail at
Sat Feb 15 06:25:52 PST 2003

I have used Digidesign's ProTools Free in OS 9, and was comfortable with how it handled audio
files. In an effort to totally kill all ties with OS 9, I have upgraded all my software (except
Quark and 3 other non X apps) to OSX versions.

That being said, I do not want to boot into 9 to edit some audio tracks I recorded recently. I
downloaded Spark ME, but have no clue on how to use it! I played with it a bit, but could not
figure out how to get started, is there some guide one can download, or even a help menu? In
addition, I liked the ease of ProTools, and the cost (free).

Is there anything close to ProTools, or is Spark the closest I will get to a free professional
audio editor?


John Pariseau

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