[MPA] converting vinyl to CD

Scott Jacob Loehr scott.loehr at verizon.net
Fri Feb 14 15:35:12 PST 2003

Dear Gang,
	Greetings!  I've been curious about a few things lately, and 
I was wondering if anybody has any insight into these areas.

1.  Has anybody experienced the new, "quieter" PowerMacs?  (Are they, 
in fact, quieter...)

2.  ...does this mean it's FINALLY time to load Jaguar?  :-D 
According to MOTU (www.motu.com),

	OS X PCI-324 Audio Hardware Driver News
	Drivers for PCI-324 audio systems (2408,
	2408mkII, 1224, 24i, 308, and 1296) will be
	available on February 28th, 2003.

	OS X PCI-424 Audio Hardware Driver News
	Drivers for PCI-424 audio systems (2408mk3,
	24io, 2408mkII, 1296, 1224, 24i, and 308) will be
	available on February 28th, 2003.

3.  I've been told NOT to use a PCI Expansion Chassis for Powered 
Plug-In cards (Mackie/UAD UAD-1, TC Powercore).  Anybody hear/know 
different?  I've got an SBS 7-slot one.

4.  Anybody use eMagic's WaveBurner Pro?  I've thought about 
switching to it since with it I can apparently use ONE program for 
burning CDs.  For now, I have to use a separate program to create 
regions (multiple track numbers within one piece of music; multiple 
pieces of music with one track number).

5.  Anybody experience a crash in Digital Performer when dragging 
soundbites into a track window?

6.  Are the lyrics to "My Funny Valentine" really about singing to Cupid?


Happy Valentine's Day!

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