What CPU upgrade to use DP,Logic, Cubase?

Geoff Kaiser geoffkaiser at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 14 13:12:42 PST 2003

> My set up at the moment is OS 9.2.2......MOTU 2408......DP 3.02.....Reason
> 2......Recycle.....2......B4 as well as a few plugs and maybe Bias Peak.
> I'm also looking for advice on whether to stick to DP and get the upgrade or
> go with Logic 6 (as I was told only Logic 6 would let me record into it
> triggering Reason instruments) or Cubase X which I've heard is the best so
> far and a good stable program. I don't know if Logic 6 works on OS 9.2.2 or
> OSX only. 

I'm a Logic user, and according to the announcements from emagic, Logic 6
will run on OS 9 as well as X. I'm counting on that, as I'm not ready to
switch to X full time. Anyway, it'll probably be the last big upgrade to run
on 9. I'm sure it'll be X-only from 7.0 on...

As for Cubase, I know it's a popular app and has its many fans, although
I'll point out here that Apple has seen fit to go with emagic for its
"official' audio app, so its continued development, state-of-the-art
features and updates, are assured. It appears to have a robust future.

Are you happy with DP? I'm sure it still has a continuing future on the Mac
as well, and it has the unique distinction of having always been written
expressly for the mac from the ground up... if you feel the need to switch,
then switch, I guess...


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