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Sun Feb 16 17:43:50 PST 2003


Amadeus II should do this well

here was my reply to a similar questions see if it
applies in your situation.

>>is their a way to encode a whole CD into MP3 w/o
loading each file one at a time?

>You can use the "Join files" function to open
everything as one big file with marks at the
cuts between songs, and then use the "Split according
to marks" function to create one
Mp3 file for every track. Regards,

--- David Crandon <tdc at attbi.com> wrote:
> So, are there any apps that do a good job of auto
> detecting the gaps
> between songs without putting in too many extras? It
> seems to me that
> it's easier to get rid of extra marks that put in
> ones that are missing.
> As long as there are not hundreds that is!
> David Crandon
> John Neumann wrote:
> > 
> > I'm not Michael, but,
> > 
> >         I wouldn't buy Spin Doctor (or the new
> Toast just to get Spin
> > Doctor) just for this purpose. Sometimes it works
> perfectly, but
> > other times, when it seems like it should be very
> easy to see the
> > gaps, it creates a huge number of markers (liek
> around a hundred) at
> > seemingly random spots. So you might as well do it
> by hand in that
> > case.
> > 
> >         The other things I don't like about Spin
> Doctor, compared to
> > other programs I use (e.g. Sound Studio), is that
> you have to select
> > a whole region corresponding to a song, rather
> than just pojnting at
> > a certain point where you want the split. True,
> selecting regions in
> > theory is more versatile, but not something you
> usually use, and a
> > big pain compared to split points.
> > 


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