[MPA] More on Vinyl to CD

James A. Harrod jaharrod at cox.net
Sun Feb 16 17:59:58 PST 2003

I had been using a QPS burner rated at 8x4x32 prior to experiencing 
major hard drive failure last July.  The restoration of my G4 system 
included new hard drives that were considerably larger and cheaper 
than the original equipment, plus a new burner from EZQUEST rated at 
40x12x48 which I have been very pleased with in comparison to the 
older QPS unit.  The EZQUEST came with new burning software as well, 
DISCRIBE, which I would also give a good recommendation compared to 
my experiences with Toast.

I have seen various opinions regarding the quality or fidelity of 
music burned at 40x (poor) compared to burning at the slowest 
possible speed 4x on the EZQUEST (best).  I would appreciate hearing 
from list members regarding their take on this.  My ears cannot 
detect in lowering of quality on music (jazz) recorded at the higher 


Jim (a 9.2 hanger on who prefers SoundEdit16 for recording)

P.S.  I usually work on five or six LP to CDR conversions per month, 
and have been using Peak with the RayGun plug-in tool for clean up.

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