What do I do with this stuff????

Bobbo bobbo924 at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 18 13:13:58 PST 2003

This is NOT a for sale announcement, but rather a request for advice. I've
been doing this a really long time, and things have changes immeasurably.

I have lots of old recording gear, including such vintage pieces as an
Adams-Smith LTC synchronizer (anyone old enough to remember that?) and a
Roland Compu-Editor... the combination mixer-lookin' device and patch box
that added time-code based fader automation to any board with inserts. I
also have one of the old Fostex controllers for the E-16 tape recorder. I
have no idea what to do with any of this stuff, if it's salable, if so,
where, etc.

Anyone on the list have any ideas what I can do with it (no, not that)? I
hate to just pitch it out. I also have an old, not working (shucks, I don;t
know if any of it works) E-16 16-track 1/2" recorder. Suggestions would be
most welcome. If I can sell it for something, cool. But I'd also be willing
to donate it, use it for anchors, contribute it to a museum, incorporate it
into modern (?) sculpture... well, you get the idea.

Thanks for any workable suggestions.


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