[MPA] Audio I/O Interface and Other Newbie Questions

Dave Morrison davemor at gte.net
Tue Feb 18 18:56:24 PST 2003

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> Thank you everyone for your excellent help and insight about bit depth
> vs. sampling rate and on audio I/O devices!  Considering that I'll
> probably want to do lots of "tweaking" to my audio files after
> recording them, I can definitely see the wisdom in having extra bits to
> play with. I can also see the value in wanting the option of being able
> to take advantage of potential future formats (such as DVD-audio) that
> utilize higher bit depth and sample rates.  So yes, I'll be shooting
> for a 24-bit/96 kHz interface.  Speaking of which, it seems that just
> about everyone feels the MOTU 828 is the best non-internal device out
> there that's within a relatively reasonable price range (not that I
> don't agree with Mike that the digi002 is incredibly cool, albeit
> notably higher priced).
> So in other words, all my questions have been answered. Again, thank
> you all so much for generously taking the time to help me out!
> -Steve
I would also suggest you look at the Metric Halo 2882 as well as the ULN2
firewire interface hardware.


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