Cubase SX and Aardvark Direct Mix USB3 - Drivers Needed?

luke etyrnal at
Tue Feb 18 23:24:00 PST 2003


Please - I need a solution for my problem...

I own an Aardvark Direct Mix USB3.

I use it with an Apple Titanium G4 Powerbook running OS X.2.3

I need to use it with Cubase SX...

Is there a driver i can download??

I can't get the Aardvark Direct Mix USB3 to Show up as an input device 
for Cubase SX...

Do i need an ASIO driver?  Do i need an system extension or other 

You could really save the day...

I am so disappointed that I can't seem to use the USB3 with Cubase SX...

The USB3 is the PERFECT solution to my PORTABLE recording needs...

also i have been a registered user of Cubase VST since the days of 
version 4 and i have NEVER had their tech support guys actually solve 
one single problem for me so THAT is why I am here...  Other vendors - 
i do contact them - but I am sick and tired of getting non-answers from 
the Steinberg people - so PLEASE - i would appreciate YOUR help...

Thanks for you help!

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