[MPA] Studio vinyl sampling the right way?

Lukas drake lukasdrake at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 23 18:28:37 PST 2003

From: Drew Dalzell <stagesound at earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: [MPA] Studio vinyl sampling the right way?
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 15:10:33 -0800

Drew says:
It's a nice thought to sell them, but then you are violating copyright and 
basically stealing the material.

Lukas says:
In the last six years I've moved to both coasts as well as back to the 
middle of Canada numerous times. The ten times It's cost me to move all this 
vinyl on my student/hobo budget are probably worth move than the records. 
I'm probably going to move to the UK in the next couple of years and I'd 
have to sell my soul to take the records with me.
Besides the amount of radio station records floating around (not for sale, 
for promotional use only, property of Capitol, etc.) are enough to 
technically put every record store out of business, except no one cares and 
they the radio station here just gave away all ten thousand of theirs over 
the radio last year.
As far as sampling records or artists, this is the twenty first century and 
you have to pay for every millisecond of sample that you use. Nobodys in the 
dark about that one anymore after they had a Corporate Lawyer up where the 
sun don't shine with a flashlight suing for copyright. Anyway this is 
incredibly off topic since my questions were strictly technical, not moral. 
I don't want to rip off any musical artists since I am one.

Anyway I forgot to ask about balanced or unbalanced cables as well as 
sheilding issues, etc...Any help,suggestions, links or texts would be 


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