[MPA] More Vinyl the right way.

David Crandon tdc at attbi.com
Tue Feb 25 21:00:54 PST 2003

Yes, I agree with what you say. On the subject of mics, absolutley some
are designed specifically to have certain types of "tonal"
characteristics. And that's OK, especially since a mic is part of the
recording chain as opposed to the reproduction chain.

For reproduction, I prefer to strive for as flat freq resp as possible
as a baseline. I do realize of course that the room I'm in has a far
greater affect on sound reproduction than anything else in the chain.
And even that depends on the place in the room I'm listening from! Then,
depending on the type of music I'm listening to, and it's individual
recording characteristics, I'll modify somewhat.

David Crandon

Gregg Gorrie wrote:
> on 2/24/03 7:43 PM, David Crandon at tdc at attbi.com wrote:
> > Hi Lukas,
> >
> > I'm a little more confused now as to what you are after...
> >
> > You want a cartridge with "umph" and "kick"? What do you mean by that?
> >
> > You said in your original post you want something that is of high
> > quality. I would think you would want a cartridge that does not color
> > your sound. Most decent cartridges have flat freq response. In fact,
> > while I haven't followed the audiophile market real close lately, I
> > wouldn't think there are any cartridges on the market that would
> > purposely color freq response.
> Well, in theory I guess so, but like most transducers (mics, speakers) each
> type (ceramic, moving coil, magnetic, etc.) has it's own special
> characteristics which also vary from model to model. For example, a
> cartridge designed specifically for "scratching" would emphasize durability
> and resistance to skipping. An "audiofile" Hi-Fi cartridge would focus more
> on flat accurate frequency response and stereo separation. The design is a
> really a set of compromises, and sound does vary from model to model.
> Lukas, do a Google search on "turntable cartridges" and you'll have lots to
> explore. If I find a definitive site that gives comparative reviews, I'll
> let you know ... and hopefully you'll do the same.
> --
> Gregg
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