[MPA] Real Time A/V FX Advice

lazy right eye lazyrighteye at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 26 09:57:04 PST 2003

Thanks Ralph,
I have actually downloaded G-Force, but have yet to experiment. I'll dive 
into it asap.
Off hand, do you know if it runs in 10.2.4?
Can I record the audio in Peak LE as well as project these fun visuals? If 
so, would the G3 iBook be able to handle such tasks, or would the G4 tower 
better handle this?

FYI, I'll send audio from the soundboard (1/4" OUT) > Roland UA-30 (RCA IN) 
 > iBook (USB) > Peak LE (16bit/44.1kHz stereo .aif file).


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On Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003, at 15:13 US/Central, lazy right eye wrote:

>I have an iBook/500, 10.2.4, 640M RAM, and would love to (at least at 
>certain portions of the performance) be able to send audio signal from the 
>soundboard > iBook > LCD projector, and project real time, iTunes-like 
>visuals that move to the real time audio signal.
>Is this possible?
>If so, how?

Yes, depending on what audio inputs and video outputs you have on that 
iBook. You'll have to adapt your outputs from your sound board to the audio 
inputs on the Mac and check to make sure the video inputs on the LCD 
projector match the outputs on your Mac.

On an iMac:  board 2x 1/4" > 1/8" mini stereo jack gets the sound in to the 
Mac. VGA to VGA for the video to the LCD. eMacs use a mini VGA to VGA 
adaptor. Titanium G4's use a DVI to VGA or s-video etc. You might have to 
build a custom cable or two, but it's doable.

  G-Force has a standalone Visualizer that will do the visuals. G-Force 
isn't Altivec enabled so clock speed and video cards affect performance more 
than G3 vs. G4.

I've been doing this with an NEC projector (don't have the model, it's at 
school) and it ROCKS!


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