[MPA] More Vinyl the right way.

Gregg Gorrie ggorrie at telus.net
Thu Feb 27 01:12:26 PST 2003

on 2/25/03 9:00 PM, David Crandon at tdc at attbi.com wrote:

> Yes, I agree with what you say. On the subject of mics, absolutley some
> are designed specifically to have certain types of "tonal"
> characteristics. And that's OK, especially since a mic is part of the
> recording chain as opposed to the reproduction chain.
> For reproduction, I prefer to strive for as flat freq resp as possible
> as a baseline. I do realize of course that the room I'm in has a far
> greater affect on sound reproduction than anything else in the chain.
> And even that depends on the place in the room I'm listening from! Then,
> depending on the type of music I'm listening to, and it's individual
> recording characteristics, I'll modify somewhat.
> David Crandon

Excellent points. I totally agree with your approach to reproduction systems
being "flat" as a reference to the original recording, and that is my
preference as well.

The "gray area" perhaps lies in the fact that many DJs (which is where most
of the turntable/cartridge business is these days) treat vinyl playback as
an art form, and therefore "coloring" the sound with a certain
stylus/cartridge could be a valid consideration, especially in a live
performance situation.

Also, the end user (consumer as opposed to professional) has always had a
penchant for exaggerated frequency response ... ie. using the loudness
compensation switch even at loud listening levels, consumer loudspeakers
with too much high/low frequency response, etc. Go figure!


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