[MPA] Real Time A/V FX Advice

Ralph Garrett ralphbones at kc.rr.com
Wed Feb 26 14:50:25 PST 2003

On Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003, at 14:34 US/Central, lazy right eye wrote:

I'll add I do run 2, 17" monitors at home. It's the G4/500, DVD-RAM 
model... if that helps anyone

I just tried Pro 2.2.a3 on 10.2.4 and it's not an RT Visualizer at all. 
It takes an audio file and renders a QT Movie using G-Force scripts. 
And it puts "DEMO USE ONLY" in the movie! I'm not going to beta test 
this for him if I can't get usable output.

I'd run the 2.2 Standalone visualizer on the G4 in OS 9.2.2 (not 
Classic) with an audio mix to achieve the effects you want and use the 
iBook to record a separate mix of your audio.


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