Where are we with DAW in OSX?

Rick Rutherford leftwrite at mac.com
Thu Mar 6 21:43:23 PST 2003

I thought this was a great start to my questions. Thanks to Scott, Peter,
Barry and Thubten. I would like to see this thread continue and expand on my
original questions. Let me add to it.

I agree that it looks like MOTU is becoming the Quark of audio. However, we
were all extremely frustrated with Adobe not releasing Photoshop 7 for OSX
until it arrived. Then all seemed great. We were happy that Adobe had taken
the time to ship a great product, instead of worrying about being first.

Is MOTU in this vein? I read that the DP for OSX demo at NAMM was not very
functional and that it looked a "long way off." The sterotypes I have heard
about the DAW programs are DP is great for recording real audio, but weak on
MIDI compared to others. CuBase is mainly a MIDI vehicle and a little weak
on recording audio. Logic is stronger on MIDI and has steep learning curve.
ProTools is just plain expensive, although great.

I consider myself a novice at DAW. I have worked on four album projects, but
it's been 10 years and it was no 24 track 2" machines working with talented
engineers. I want to work again and utilize my Titanium Powerbook G4 (667)
to do this. I have a MOTU 828, MidiSport 2x2, Line 6 POD, Yamaha SO3, Alesis
SR16 and SansAmp.

I am looking for some solid advice on whether to hold for DP or look to
Logic 6 (or maybe something else). I must admit I am now drawn to Logic
since Apple owns it. I was more than a little surprised that Apple did not
try to purchase MOTU. MOTU's attitude of late has been a big turn off, but
I'm sure they are feeling pressure to get DP out and in good shape. I hate
working in OS9. I am really new to MIDI although my desire to use DAW was so
I could use the Mtron VST plugin and go to town with that jewel (sorry...I
am terribly Beatles influenced).
I want to record a lot of acoustic guitar, and great sounding electric stuff
via the POD.

A appreciate any and all tips as I decide to move forward. Let's talk!

Rick Rutherford

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