[MPA] Where are we with DAW in OSX?

Barry A. Warsaw mac at wooz.org
Wed Mar 5 20:35:01 PST 2003

>>>>> "RR" == Rick Rutherford <leftwrite at mac.com> writes:

    RR> I just want to get this dialog moving in case there are others
    RR> like me who are new and frustrated by the OSX audio road
    RR> map. I want to create today, but I would like to do it in
    RR> OSX. Let's talk!

I made the upgrade to Cubase SX several months ago and haven't booted
OS9 since.  When Steinberg/Wizoo released the Virtual Guitarist
upgrade I was set, and I've been very happy with the whole set up ever
since.  Steinberg did an excellent job on Cubase SX IMO -- way way
better and more stable than Cubase 5.  Of course, I'm a cheapo user,
sticking mostly with the builtin VSTs and lots of my own audio
(bass, guitar, vox) so I didn't have a huge upgrade cost.

Now I'm just saving up for a cpu upgrade. :)

I can't speak to the other DAW software, but I'm quite satisfied with
Cubase SX on OSX.  FTR: I'm running 10.2.4 on a 550MHz G4 w/ 1GB and 3
Ultra160 36GB drives (and a 120GB Firewire drive for portability) with
an M-Audio Omni I/O.  The hardware, audio, MIDI stuff all just worked.


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