[MPA] Where are we with DAW in OSX?

Barry A. Warsaw mac at wooz.org
Fri Mar 7 06:01:06 PST 2003

>>>>> "RR" == Rick Rutherford <leftwrite at mac.com> writes:

    RR> The sterotypes I have heard about the DAW programs are DP is
    RR> great for recording real audio, but weak on MIDI compared to
    RR> others. CuBase is mainly a MIDI vehicle and a little weak on
    RR> recording audio. Logic is stronger on MIDI and has steep
    RR> learning curve.  ProTools is just plain expensive, although
    RR> great.

I'm not a Cubase shill by any means, but I'll just point out that
Cubase SX is a completely new program than v5.  It's actually closer
to Nuendo in both design and functionality (it shares the audio


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