Hard Drive Firewire Kits

animal animal at cuug.ab.ca
Fri Mar 7 04:40:17 PST 2003

Anyone who has an ADS Pyro 1394 Drive Kit Oxford 900 and isn't aware...

The 4 kits I bought on Jan 28, 2003, came with a notice to disregard 
Step 5 - If you have one of these drive kits, and it doesn't work like  
mine didn't, then disregard step 5 re connecting the flat ribbon cable. 
  The red line (pin 1) must be on the side opposite to the power supply. 
  ie: do not twist the ribbon cable - install it flat.

Also these kits are not suppossed to work with the new ATA 6 hard 
drives - but at least one of the 4 I bought does work with a 120 GB IBM 
hard drive.


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