Where are we with DAW in OSX?

KathyMac! Mac4Music at MusiCareOnline.org
Fri Mar 7 14:23:43 PST 2003

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> A appreciate any and all tips as I decide to move forward. Let's talk!

Hi folks,

I am also a Mac OS9 lover who has recently learned to love OSX. Everything I
could do in 9 I can now do in X and more...

The only exception? Midi and Audio.

I love my Cubase 4.1 in OS9. But I find myself wishing I had some more
alternatives in X. I know there is Cubase SX but I really can't afford the
upgrade fees right now and I also heard it is still buggy and an entirely
new learning process. Logic? Apple's purchase of it makes it very
intriguing. Like everyone else, I'll eventually have to use one of these two
(or DP) for audio work in OSX someday. But for now I'm also on the fence....

In the meantime, I could handle having to stay in 9 for my beloved Cubase
and audio tracking. The problem is I would at least like to do some initial
writing and sequencing in midi in OSX. As entry level as it appears, I'm a
diehard user of Opcode's Musicshop (2.0) for all of my midi work in 9. Once
I am done arranging, I export it out to be used in Cubase and continue on
with the recording production right to the end. I've found that there is no
simpler yet feature filled program such as Musicshop for midi sequencing.
And it allows you to really get some work done without having to figure out
the software complexities that some midi programs bring with them.

I've recently stumbled upon a midi program that is Mac native AND built just
for OSX. It looks like the X version of Musicshop from what I can see at the
website. It's caled Intuem. I'm going to try the demo this weekend. The
interface and pricing looks promising and I hope I've found my alternative
to Musicshop in 9.

Does anyone have any insight on this software? You can find them at


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