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Fri Mar 7 17:49:36 PST 2003

I don't usually do this sort of thing, but when I receive exemplary service
from someone, I like to let people know about it. I'll begin by saying I
have no connection with this business, except as an amazed and satisfied

I purchased a Digi002 from Rainbow Guitars in Tucson, having found them on
ebay. The price was good, and after a quick exchange of e-mails with Steve
Itule, apparently the owner, I was assured it came with the new ProTools
OSX. When it arrived (quickly and in good order, I might add) I was
surprised to note that v6 was not included. I dashed off an e-mail to
Steve, whose response was as follows:

"You're right, it was  my mistake, I've changed all the ads. I was under
the impression it was shipping, but there are Firewire concerns that could
delay it till Summer. Please send it back on my account for a full refund!"

I asked for a few days to think it over, and Steve was most obliging. I
finally decided to go with the mBox, which was really sufficient for my
needs and was shipping with 6. Steve forwarded me his Fedex number and full

Listen, bros and sisses: I'm a consumer maniac. I am the first to complain
when, as so frequently happens, Customer-No-Service rears its ugly and
omnipresent head. So it's only fair to praise highly where high praise is
due. Rainbow Guitars has earned a loyal customer. I will always ask Steve
for the first quote, as I have done with the new Moog Modular simulation
due out soon. His prices are good, or better than good. But more
importantly to me, he represents serious ethics and responsibility to his

I am including their contact info for anyone who is interested in rewarding
this kind of excellence, and thanks for the space to do it. Forgive the
cross-post, but people need to know about great service like this. it's
only too rare, nowadays.

Rainbow Guitars
2550 N Campbell  (not 2440 N Campbell)
Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone 520-325-3376

Or you can e-mail inquiries to Steve directly at rbsteve at

Contact me offlist with any questions :-)


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