[MPA] Headphones with subwoofer???

Scott Jacob Loehr scott.loehr at verizon.net
Sat Mar 8 15:53:28 PST 2003

>Guys... what on earth is this??
>Detailed pics here:
>I guess this ones will surely get some kids deaf... talk about 
>extreme  eq's...

I think the end of the review said it all:

"Test 3: MP3/CD music audio
Listening to Different full range music tracks, from Bt mixes to 
Beethoven and NIN.

Sennheiser HD202 - Well simply, they owned this category.  None of 
the other 2 could match the balanced full range sound that the tracks 
that were listened to delivered. Very impressive.

Sony MDR-CD180 - It's all been said earlier, lack of life and lack of 
power in the audio.

AOpen HP-590 - The sub woofer came in good use on many of these 
tracks, but the muddy bass lines would often distract from the rest 
of the audio track. If you turn down the vibration too much you loose 
all the mids, so its either too much bass, or too little mids.  I 
guess you can get too much of a good thing.  As I said before, they 
were still fun to listen to, just not as nice for this as a 
Sennheiser would be.

Overall - Sennheiser gets this group. I liked the AOpen, but not 
enough to make me forget the quality that the Sennheiser delivered.

And the Sony... well Nope.

   and later:

The Sennheisers were presented as a comparison, and you can clearly 
see that for general music listening or anyone who's an audiophile 
these would be the headphones to pick up. "


	I'd like to see a comparision between the Sennheisers and a 
pair of AKG 240's.  Actually, since all three of the above-tested 
headphones sell for under $35, I highly suspect that the AKGs would 
win, no contest.  BTW, does anybody have any experience with Sony's 
Surround-Sound Headphones?

Scott Jacob Loehr

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