[MPA] Adding a hard drive

animal animal at cuug.ab.ca
Sat Mar 8 11:57:35 PST 2003


You may be right, but all I know is neither of these new IBM 120 GB's 
will work in the G4 400 with OS 9.04.  Perhaps yours has newer firmware 
or OS.  I just got everything working and won't updating anything until 
I'm done this one lengthy project.  Luckily I have to add a third and 
fourth drive soon, for video and audio files, and would like to have 
the option of using 200GB.


Sounds like a load of hooey to me. ATA-6 isn't new. ATA-6 is the spec
for Ultra ATA/100. I have an ATA/100 and an ATA/133 in a G4/350
(upgraded to 500MHz) and didn't need a card. This is with the ATA/66
controller on the MB. The only reason you might need an ATA/133 card is
to access drives larger than 137GB (48 bit addressing). Also an ATA/133
card should allow you to add four more hard drives, not two.

> I have a G4 400 AGP and tried to add a new 120GB IBM hard drive.  The
> new IBM's are ATA 6, which my G4 400 AGP will not recognize.  Tom
> (tech) at OWC says that in order to add a new ATA 6 - I need to use a
> PCI Card Ultra ATA/133, which adds 2 more hard drives onto the G4.

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