Digital copy of Betacam tape?

GMacLaren at GMacLaren at
Sun Mar 9 10:46:22 PST 2003

Can someone tell me where I can obtain
the following service?
I have a 1" Betacam video tape "master"
of a 12 minute video I made in 1997. 
(I made it on an "Avid.")
Now I would like to re-edit the program
using the same audio. I have all the
digital video images, but the audio exists
only on the BetaCam tape.

Service Desired:
Play my 12 minute Betacam tape (BTC-20MA) and
record its audio onto a CD that I can use
in Final Cut Pro.

I'm in St. Louis, and have not "shopped around"
here. I'd be happy to ship the tape with
my payment.

-=Grant MacLaren=- 

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