ProTools Free

John Pariseau simplymail at
Sun Mar 9 21:31:39 PST 2003

Since upgrading 10.1.3 to 10.2.2, I have not used ProTools Free. Today 
was the first time I tried working in it, and have run into a weird 
problem. When I go to convert and import these tracks (into a 24 bit 
project) really long tracks, 558mb aiff coaster recorded files), I get 
an Invalid Sound File:Not enough Bytes warning. I did not write the 
warning down (and am back in OS X), so the text of the warning may be a 
bit off. I have a similar but much shorter file that imports fine. Is 
my file damaged? I have 4 large files, all exhibit the same problem. 
One short file that does not.

In addition, if I work in a 16 bit (project), I can add the problematic 
files fine, but when I go to export the pieces that have been edited, 
it gives the same error.

Should I just go ahead and trash ProTools, and reinstall it?


PS - I really need to get this figured out, as I have to get 4 CD's out 
of here soon!

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