[MPA] ProTools Free

John Neumann jneumann at ece.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 12 07:59:48 PST 2003

I've seen the space shortage message as well, even with a new 
computer with plenty of hard drive space. I think it's a bug (as in 
the wrong message for whatever the problem really is). I was able to 
get it going by messing with the options. I'm sorry, I don't remember 
which ones, but it was something to do with disk space, maybe the 
maximum file size setting. Then it worked fine.


At 18:47 -0500 3/11/03, John Pariseau wrote:
>I tried writing to the external - no luck. Does the partition with 
>the OS on it need to be defragmented? Or just the drive it is 
>writing to?
>I put the application and all my files on the external, still no go.
>I am going to reinstall Pro Tools tonight...
>>I have heard of situations when ProTools Free would complain about 
>>an HD space shortage when the problem actually was that the HD free 
>>space was too fragmented.
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