Mac Setup advice needed to WoW in-laws.

bwhite bwhite33 at
Sun Nov 2 12:00:08 PST 2003

Greetings list,

I need help :-)

My Father-in-Law has a weekly radio show that he records for Michigan State University's radio station ( ).  He no longer lives in East Lansing and would like to save the commute and record the show at home and send the recorded show to the university.

He's a Mac user, and wants to get a new setup (as not to monopolize the home system)  and would like to be able to include music from his collection: (CD's, 45's, LP's, 78's and tape).   He would need to be able to add his commentary and leave space for advertisements.   Then the whole show would need to be able to be reviewed,  modified and then saved in a method to get it to the radio station.

Is there a web page that I can be pointed too, or is there a ready made package already that includes everything?   

Of course Money is an object so I'd like to be able to give him a few different levels of gear and software.

If this is the incorrect list for this request I apologize for taking up space.


bryan white

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