[MPA] 10.3/ Audio Problems?

Steven M.Palm n9yty at n9yty.com
Sun Nov 2 11:29:06 PST 2003

On Oct 31, 2003, at 12:47 PM, Howard Scudder wrote:
> Just wondering if anybody has experianced any problems
> with any of their audio software programs and 10.3 or
> if anyone has heard of problems with certain programs
> or interfacing audio equipment.

  Actually, yes... At first everything seemed fine but I've been getting 
quite a few reports of major problems... The application (EchoMac) 
seems to work fine, but after they quit the program it messes up audio 
for everything else and many applications crash...

  Here was a dump from a crash of iChat after having run my EchoMac 
program.... Note the errors when it's trying to do audio stuff:

Thread 6 Crashed:
  #0   0x02a68040 in 0x2a68040
  #1   0x0178180c in 0x178180c
  #2   0x01709eb0 in 0x1709eb0
  #3   0x017110e0 in AUHALEntry (AUHALEntry + 14728)
  #4   0x90723874 in IOADevice::CallIOProcs(AudioTimeStamp const&, 
AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&) 
(IOADevice::CallIOProcs(AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, 
AudioTimeStamp const&) + 792)
  #5   0x90723cc8 in HPIOThread::PerformIO(AudioTimeStamp const&) 
(HPIOThread::PerformIO(AudioTimeStamp const&) + 532)
  #6   0x90722e7c in HPIOThread::WorkLoop() (HPIOThread::WorkLoop() + 
  #7   0x90739368 in HPIOThread::ThreadEntry(HPIOThread*) 
(HPIOThread::ThreadEntry(HPIOThread*) + 28)
  #8   0x907393ac in CAPThread::Entry(CAPThread*) 
(CAPThread::Entry(CAPThread*) + 48)
  #9   0x900247e8 in _pthread_body (_pthread_body + 40)

  In fact, he did a reboot and iChat still crashed when it tried to 
first play a sound. He claims he cannot even get iChatAV to run now, it 
crashes whenever it tries to play a sound.

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