[MPA] Audio/Midi in X-Opcode hardware and more...

Cyril Blanc blanc.cyril at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 3 21:38:02 PST 2003

On 3/11/03 20:16, "KathyMac!" <Mac4Music at MusiCareOnline.org> wrote:
All Serial Midi interfaces are working with OS X using the Stealth port on a
G4, a G5 version will be available soon !
You must set your midi interface to MTP mode !

If you have some problems contact me directly
> On Saturday, November 1, 2003, at 06:25 AM, Mac Pro Audio List wrote:
>> Did you load the drivers first from the manufacturer(well it won't be
>> opcode..since they no longer
>> exist :) )? Then restart with the device plugged in and it should pick
>> it up in the Audio/Midi
>> utility. If there are no drivers for your device for OSX, the OS
>> cannot recognize it.
>> Is this opcode device supported somewhere else? or picked up by rogue
>> developers?
>> Paul
> Well, there it is. The problem I was afraid of. Nope, I did not load
> any drivers for the Opcode MidiPort 96 because there are none. Just as
> you said, Opcode is long gone and the "driver" needed to recognize this
> midi hardware is OMS in System 9. In System X there is no OMS so I
> guess that's why there will be no recognition of it. Somehow, I thought
> that Core Audio and OSX Midi had all this stuff "built in" and
> automatic. I didn't realize you still needed drivers for your hardware.
> I was under the impression that OSX automatically recognized any midi
> gear that was hooked up.
> So, that's why I've been pulling my hair out. No driver for my
> beautiful Opcode midi interface.
> Anyone know of any suggestions other than buying a brand new rack mount
> 8x8 interface? That's an investment I don't want to make when this one
> is staring at me in my rack already.
> My current solution?
> I have gotten so fed up trying to make the switch over to X for audio
> for so many reasons that I finally just decided enough was enough. I
> had bought a brand new dual processor 1GHZ G4 (that I am writing on at
> this moment) and retired my BELOVED Beige G3 300mhz MT to another room
> as a server. I was running Cubase 4.1 (THE most stable Cubase ever) and
> of course all of my midi hardware on it for 5 years. Never had a CPU
> problem, never had a speed problem. It was perfect. I was looking
> forward to producing audio on my new 22" Cinematic Display but all that
> has changed....
> The G3 is BACK in the studio. The Opcode is running beautifully thru
> the USB card and OMS in System 9. I took my MOTU PCI 324 card out of
> the new G4 and put it back home in the G3. I've got my old 20" CRT
> monitor hooked up and a secondary 17" like the old days. OS 9 is
> running like a charm and writing, creating, and producing audio is
> smooth like the old days. Until OSX becomes less of a hassle my studio
> stays this way.
> Right beside my setup is the big Cinematic Display and G4 running OSX.
> Why don't I just boot into 9 and use a faster computer? Because that's
> a hassle too. I love the beauty of OSX and iChat, iPhoto, iDVD, Mail,
> Address Book, and all the wonderful things I've grown to enjoy. I don't
> want to reboot each time I choose to do a bit of audio or midi only to
> have to keep switching when I want to utilize features in OSX.
> So, this has become my official "Video Station" and the G3 sits right
> next to it as the Audio Station. In X I have no problems with Final Cut
> Pro or iMovie so I'll use it for what it's good for.
> I've said this before....Apple sometimes steps backwards in their
> "upgrades". The Beige G3 is a gem and no other computer has been as
> desirable. It has the AV Personality Card which are the 6 RCA jacks for
> audio and video AND an S-video jack as well. I don't know why Apple
> stopped making things that we can all use.
> I'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening. If anyone else is
> having trouble doing what you do best on your newfangled, fancy
> schmancy super fast computer than dust off the old workhorse that
> hopefully you kept around. Life will get sweet again.
> But my question still remains.....any thoughts on where I may be able
> to find drivers for the Opcode interface just the same? There have to
> be a fair amount of Opcode interfaces out there that people are using.
> And SOMEDAY I'd like to be able to use X!!!!!
> Kathy
> MusiCareOnline.org
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Cyril Blanc

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