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> Kathy
> I empathize a bit with your situation. My solution was to sell my
> Opcode interface to a OS 9 user and buy a MOTU interface that was USB
> and OSX friendly.

Well, I'm halfway there. The Opcode is indeed USB but without OSX 
support in the form of a driver....
In fact, I remember when I HAD the old MOTU Timepiece. It was a serial 
port. For some reason I just didn't like it. I sold it to get the 
Opcode and thought I was being adventurous at the time by getting USB 
(it was fairly new in the way of midi interfaces at that time).

> I still have to run my favorite editor (the venerable
> Sound Edit 16) in classic mode.
> BTW for those of you who are running OS 9.x Opcode's Studio Vision Pro
> is available as a free download. And it has VST effects and Rewire
> support unlike Pro Tools free. More info at

You know what? I would love that program. The link didn't work though. 
I use Opcode's Musicshop for my sequencing.  I know, I know, it's 
supposed to be an entry level program. It was $99 in 1995 when I bought 
my first 638 Performa Mac. But being as it was the first app I learned 
midi on I really grew attached and love it. To this day, I start ALL of 
my compositions in Musicshop. When I am finished with the sequence I 
export out to a standard midi file and then import it into the big 
daddy of apps, Cubase to continue working there in audio.

Since Studio Vision Pro is the audio version of Musicshop by Opcode I 
believe the graphic interface must be identical and it would be great 
for me to use.

Can you check that link you sent and resend one that is good? Thanks...


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