[MPA] Two McGuinns with one Jagger

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Tue Nov 11 06:58:18 PST 2003

>Hey although I've been "lurking" this is my first posting.
>I am a musician that does multi-media, singing, playing and hard 
>disk recording.
>Does anyone know if I could find the right audio equipment that could function
>both as a small to medium PA system as well as a computer monitoring set-up.
>I was thinking that some reasonably high wattage "powered" studio 
>monitors might
>be able to serve my live sound needs in a rehearsal setting. I know 
>that studio monitors
>are designed for short throw distances. Any wisdom would be a help, thanks.
>Darrell Padlesky
>TakeCare Production Services
>Edmonton AB

	I've got a pair of Mackie HR-824 powered monitors in my 
studio, and I've used them on occasion with my little Mackie 1202 
mixer for a live setup (keyboards, vocal mics).  It sounds great and 
covers most small rooms without any trouble... probably not good for 
a larger room with a few hundred people, though.  But PERFECT for the 
studio!  Just don't leave them in an enclosed vehicle where they can 
get hot.  And always keep & use their packing boxes... I learned the 
hard way by not using them once!
	Mackie's mixers with the XDR mic pre's are good enough for 
most studio applications.  No automation on the smaller boards, but 
you'd probably do that with your DAW software, anyway.

Scott Jacob Loehr

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