Two Birds with one Stone

Geoff Kaiser geoffkaiser at
Tue Nov 11 10:28:12 PST 2003


I probably would advise against trying to kill 2 birds with one stone... I
know it would save money (which is probably you goal here, true?), but I
would suspect that even if you used powered studio monitors, they may sound
great in the studio, but you might frequently find that they aren't loud
enough in live situations, even rehearsals... This has been my experience.
In live situations you typically need more rugged, high-powered stuff. And
you run the risk of damaging your studio setup from loading and unloading it
every time you gig or rehearse; and you run the risk of a live sound mishap
such as overdriving and blowing a speaker or something.

Plus, going the other way and using standard live PA equipment in a studio
will color the sound too much - you won't hear everything as flat and
unbiased as you need. It's usually better to buy two systems - spend a
little more on the studio setup, and go budget on the live equipment,
especially if it's mainly used for rehearsals...

That's my two cents...


> From: darrell <takecare at>
> Subject: [MPA] Two Birds with one Stone

> Does anyone know if I could find the right audio equipment that could
> function
> both as a small to medium PA system as well as a computer monitoring set-up.

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