[MPA] Noise reduction (was Re: Audio Interface Advice?)

Steve Berkley steve at bias-inc.com
Tue Feb 3 11:31:27 PST 2004

Check out BIAS SoundSoap :


It works great for tape hiss.

Good luck!

On 2/1/04 12:24 PM, "Joe Castleman" <gyrofrog at gyrofrog.com> wrote:

> on January 23, Jay Shaffer wrote:
>> Let me recommend Audacity as a sound editor for restoring your old
>> 78RPMs it has a noise sampling and reduction effect ala Ray Gun and
>> it's free.
> I have a few cassettes that I recorded to my hard drive.  I was hoping
> to clean up the tape hiss and gave Audacity a try.  It cleaned up the
> hiss all right, but the softer passages (e.g., fade-outs, audience
> noises) were distorted - I'm guessing it affected everything that was at
> lower volume than the hiss itself.
> The Audacity web site basically says there's no way to get around this
> completely, and I just have to take my lumps.  I tried it with my old
> copy of CD Spin Doctor, as well as a demo of Ionizer, and neither of
> those worked well, either.
> Anyone have a strategy for dealing with low-level sounds when attempting
> noise reduction?
> Thanx in advance,
> --Joe C.
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