[MPA] AIFF Quicktime Pro conversion question

filipp lepalaan filipp at mac.ee
Tue Feb 10 12:32:16 PST 2004

Yes, it's the length.
IMHO it's the same as trying to put two hours
of mp3's on one Audio CD even though they might
take up less than 200 megs...

But I'm sure others have way better explanations
and solutions.

... just my 0.02 Euros.


Rod Duncan wrote:
> I have a 908 MB 16 bit 48 kHz AIFF audio file I want to resize to fit 
> onto a regular CD for play in my car. It is a 90 minute voice audio file 
> so reducing the kHz isn't a big deal with only a subtle quality change.
> I first exported it from the 48 kHz size to a 32 kHz and this reduced it 
> to 649 MB. On attempting to burn it in Toast gave an error that there 
> were no enough sectors available. ???
> I then tried a conversion to 24 kHz which reduced it down to a smaller 
> yet, 450 MB size. Both of these attempts to burn gave me the not enough 
> sectors available warning in Toast on attempt to burn. ???
> What am I missing? Is it because the length is still 90 minutes? The 
> Quicktime file size is small enough to fit onto a 700 MB CD. I ended up 
> spitting it into two-45 minute CD's @ 48 kHZ & 16 bit stereo. However, I 
> did want it on one CD.
> Any & all help appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rod

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